Application of structural biology tools for the structure-function studies of relevant biological macromolecules, which include RNA polymerases, neurophysins and their hormone complexes, glutathione transferases, glutamine binding protein and complex, aldehyde dehydrogenase, augmenter of liver regeneration, green fluorescent protein, hemerythrin, myohemerythrin, ferrochelatase and plant cell wall polysaccharides. Application of multidisciplinary methodologies for structural genomics and structural proteomics. Development of advanced instrumentation for diffraction studies including synchrotron X-ray sources, remote access for beamline operations, robotic sample mounting technologies, and in-house X-ray sources. Development of computer software packages for Direct Crystallography - phasing from unlabelled native crystals, signal-based data collection, cost-effective high-throughput structure determination pipelines, and refinement methods to ensure high-quality structural results.