Patrick Eyers, Biochemistry (University of Liverpool)
B121 Life Sciences
James Hougland, Chemistry (Syracuse University)
S175 Coverdell
Hyo Won Ahn,
B118, Life Sciences Building
Zhen Yan, "mitoAMPK in control of mitophagy: Location, location and location!" (University of Virginia)
CCRC Auditorium
Dawn Lowe, "Exercise adaptations in skeletal muscle lacking dystrophin" (University of Minnesota)
CCRC Auditorium
P. Darrell Neufer, "Exercise, health and disease — from a bioenergetics perspective" (East Carolina University)
CCRC Auditorium
Henriette van Praag, "Regulation of adult neurogenesis and memory function by exercise" (Florida Atlantic University)
CCRC Auditorium
CCRC Auditorium
Dr. Adam Barb, (Iowa State University Department of Biochemistry, Biophysics and Molecular Biology)
Davison Life Sciences, Room C127
James Smith,
CCRC Auditorium, The Complex Carbohydrate Research Center