Symposium flyer
CCRC Auditorium

9 a.m.: Dr. Henriette van Praag, Ph.D., "Regulation of adult neurogenesis and memory function by exercise"

9:50 a.m.: Dr. P Darrell Neufer, Ph.D., "Exercise, health and disease — from a bioenergetics perspective"

10:40 a.m.: Coffee break with light refreshments

11 a.m.: Dr. Dawn Lowe, Ph.D., "Exercise adaptations in skeletal muscle lacking dystrophin"

11:50 a.m.: Dr. Zhen Yan, Ph.D., "mitoAMPK in control of mitophagy: Location, location and location!"

12:40 p.m.: Lunch

2 p.m.: Breakout sessions with individual speakers (BMB graduate students only)

3 p.m.: Ice cream social and other activities