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Undergraduate Program

Description of the Program

The program provides students with a rigorous background in the biological, chemical and physical sciences with an emphasis on the chemistry of life processes. Following introductory courses in the biological sciences, students study advanced topics in biochemistry and molecular biology, including biotechnology, human disease and physical biochemistry. Two semesters of laboratory research are required, typically as an independent research project in the laboratory of a faculty member, together with electives in bioinformatics, cell biology, developmental biology, genetics, immunology and/or microbiology.

Career Opportunities

The BCMB program is primarily designed for students who will spend their career in the biological sciences or in a closely related discipline. The program prepares students for academic graduate programs in the life sciences, professional programs in the health sciences (medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, optometry, public health, etc.), entry level technical positions in academia/government/private sectors, and many other areas inside and outside of the life sciences. Click here for more specific information on career paths, links to job search sites, and employment opportunities available to the BCMB graduate. You are also encouraged to make an appointment with a staff member of the UGA Career Center or a BCMB advisor for more information about career opportunities.

Entrance Requirements

Entry to this major requires completion of Core Areas A - E and Area F.

Exceptions of Transfer Students

To prepare for course work in this major, the following courses are required: BIOL 1107-1107L and 1108-1108L; CHEM 1411, 1411L, 1412, 1412L (or CHEM 1211, 1211L, 1212, 1212L, and 2300, 2300L); CHEM 2211, 2211L and 2212, 2212L and PHYS 1211-1211L and 1212-1212L (or PHYS 1111-1111L and 1112-1112L). Substitution of any of the above courses will be individually considered based on the documentation provided by the student.

Program Requirements


Independent Research Projects

All students who major in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology are required to take two semesters of independent research. Honors students may elect to complete BCMB 4990H as an Honors Thesis. BCMB 4960L/H requires little or no previous laboratory experience, but either BCMB 3100 or BCMB 4010 is recommended as a pre- or co-requisite.

Alternatives in which students may enroll in the VIP program, or enroll in BCMB 4030 in lieu of BCMB 4960, are described at Undergraduate Research

Minor in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Required Courses: Five in total (18 or 19 hours)

  • BCMB 4010/6010 (4 Hours)
  • BCMB 4020/6020 (3 Hours)
  • BCMB(CHEM) 4110/6110 (3 Hours) or
  • BCMB(CHEM) 4120/6120 (4 Hours) or BCMB(CHEM) 4200/6200 (3 Hours)
  • BCMB 4960L (4 Hours)
  • BCMB 4970L (4 Hours)

Contact Person:

Dr. Michael Adams
(706) 542-2060

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