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Jennifer Goff

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Postdoctoral Associate, Adams Lab

Jennifer Goff is an environmental microbiologist whose current research interests include nitrogen-cycling, metal cofactor utilization, and metal/metalloid toxicity in microorganisms living at highly contaminated sites. She received her B.S. in Biology from Georgia Institute of Technology in 2014 and her Ph.D. in Microbial Biology from Rutgers in 2020. She is currently a post-doctoral researcher in the Adams lab. 

For more information please see my website.


B.S., Georgia Institute of Technology, 2014

Ph.D., Rutgers, 2020

Selected Publications:
  1. Goff JL, Chen Y, Thorgersen MP, Hoang LT, Szink EG, Poole FL II, Siuzdak G, Petzold CJ, Adams MWW. 2022. Mixed Heavy Metals Stress Induces Global Iron Starvation as Revealed by System Level Multi-Omic Analyses. The ISME Journal.
  2. Goff JL, Szink EG, Thorgersen MP, Putt AD, Fan Y, Lui LM, Nielsen TN, Hunt KA, Michael JP, Wang Y, Ning D, Fu Y, Van Nostrand JD, Poole II FL, Chandonia, J-M, Hazen TC, Stahl DA, Zhou J, Arkin AP, Adams MWW. Ecophysiological and genomic analyses of a representative isolate of highly abundant Bacillus cereus strains in contaminated subsurface sediments. 2022. Environmental Microbiology.
  3. Hao J, Liu W, Goff JL, Steadman JA, Large RR, Falkowski PG, Yee N. Anoxic photochemical weathering of pyrite. 2022. Science Advances. 8: eabn2226.  
  4. Goff JL, Lui LM, Nielsen TN, Thorgersen MP, Szink EG, Chandonia J-M, Poole II FL, Zhou J, Hazen TC, Arkin AP, Adams MWW. 2022. Complete Genome Sequence of Bacillus cereus strain CPT56D-587-MTF, Isolated from a Nitrate- and Metals-Contaminated Subsurface Environment. Microbiology Resource Announcements.
  5. Goff JL, Wang Y, Boyanov MI, Yu Q, Kemner KM, Fein JB, Yee N. 2021. Tellurite adsorption onto bacterial surfaces. Environmental Science & Technology. 55(15): 10378-10386.
  6. Goff JL, Boyanov MI, Kemner KN, Yee N. 2021. The role of cysteine in tellurate reduction and toxicity. BioMetals. 34: 937-946.
  7. Goff JL, Shaefer JK, Yee N. 2021. Extracellular sulfite is protective against reactive oxygen species and antibiotic stress in Shewanella oneidensis MR-1. Enivronmental Microbiology Reports. 13(3):
  8. Goff J, Terry L, Mal J, Schilling K, Pallud C, Yee N. 2019. Role of extracellular reactive sulfur metabolites on microbial Se(0) dissolution. Geobiology 17(3):320-329.
  9. Goff J, Yee, N. 2017. Tellurate enters E. coli K-12 cells via the SulT-type sulfate transporter CysPUWA. FEMS Microbiology Letters 364(24).
  10. Cooper RE, Goff JL, Reed BC, Sekar R, DiChristina TJ. 2016. Breathing Metals: Molecular Mechanism of Microbial Iron Reduction by Shewanella oneidensis (Chapter). Manual of Environmental     
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