Graduate Student Handbook


Description of the Program

The department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology (BCMB) is in the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences.

With more than 60 faculty-driven laboratories associated with the department, the graduate program operates like a typical umbrella program with tailoring of elective courses to meet the demands of students associated with the diverse opportunities available within the department.

Graduate students usually enter the program at the beginning of fall semester, but in rare cases a student with previous experience may be admitted for the spring semester. Applications for awards and admissions are usually accepted primarily in the month of December, but exceptional qualifications may lead to awards at other times. We strongly encourage submitting your application by December 1st.

In addition to the courses listed in the curriculum, a number of interdisciplinary courses are available to interested students in the BCMB program. The listings in Biology, Plant Biology, Cellular Biology, Genetics and Microbiology should be consulted to determine the range of courses available to graduate students majoring in BCMB; see the online Graduate Bulletin.

For additional questions / concerns about the program, please contact the BCMB Graduate Coordinator (e-mail:, phone: 706-542-1334).



Students entering the doctoral program with a Bachelor's degree usually require 4-6 years of full time work. Students entering the program with a Master's degree usually require 3-5 years of full time work.