Students who major in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology are required to complete two semesters of research. The standard way students meet this requirement is by completing independent research in a faculty member’s lab: BCMB 4960L/H and BCMB 4970L/H, each 4 hr credit. There are two alternative options for completing this requirement: VIP @ UGA (BCMB 4965L) and Independent Research on Bioprocess Technology (BCMB 4030L). The standard option and the alternative options are described in detail below.

Standard Research Requirement:
Students who major in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology are required to take two semesters of independent research: BCMB 4960L/H and BCMB 4970L/H, each 4 hr credit. Honors students may elect to complete BCMB 4990H as an Honors Thesis. BCMB 4960L/H requires little or no previous laboratory experience, but either BCMB 3100 or BCMB 4010 is recommended as a pre- or co-requisite.

For further information, see course description for Spring/Summer 2019
Alternative Research Requirement:
In place of BCMB 4960/70, BMB majors may apply to the Vertically Integrated Program (VIP @ UGA; updated January 2018). Undergraduates can participate in research through research internships (BCMB 4960L, 4970L, etc.) or through BCMB 4965L (Team-based Research) called VIP @ UGA. The overarching goal of VIP is for students to engage in team-based research in faculty labs in collaboration with other undergraduate researchers, faculty mentors, and other scientists such as graduate students, postdoctoral associates, and faculty collaborators. Students can find more information and apply to join a team through the website VIP @ UGA 
Alternative Research Requirement:
In place of BCMB 4960L/H, BMB majors may apply to enroll in BCMB 4030L (4 hr), Independent Research On Bioprocess Technology. After successful completion of BCMB4030L, the student then takes one (or more) semesters of BCMB 4970L/H in the laboratory of a new faculty member, and carries out a new independent research project.

This course is designed for students intending to pursue careers in research especially those focused in industry.  Interested students should email Dr. Blum ( with a description of their career plans in order to be considered for this course.

Permission of the Department is required to register for this course. A Registration Form must also be completed by the student and signed by the Course Instructor, Dr. David Blum. The form can be obtained from a Biochemistry Advisor.  Once the form is signed by Dr. Blum, you must take the signed form to Ms. Angie Stockton in the Biochemistry Office (Life Sci., B122) and you will be cleared to register.